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WRAP info

THE TIME - Vehicles MUST be handed over for 3-5 days depending on the size of vehicle, contours, vinyl type, precision and severity of light and handle acc. installation
It is highly recommended that the vehicle owner be responsible for the taking off and re-installation of any trim/light items! 
We can provide space and time for you to work on these items if you(the customer) wants to

An extra charge may be applied for us to do this work type, depending on what the customer chooses to get wrapped
BUT MY RIDE? - Transportation during the 3-5 day time will be up to the customer to figure out.  Example: Uber, Enterprise, a friend, etc.

CANT FIX THE YEAR - Of course age sucks, but it sucks even more for vehicles in the 2000-2010 year range due to the clearcoat changeover from oil based to water base.  Our precious has beens are now even more ugly lol.  There is no real solution to fix it then to get it re-painted.. 
We offer carbon fiber vinyl and flat/satin vinyl to cover up that nasty eyesore


WHITE VEHICLES - Some vinyl colors like HX20000 series will show a manufacture texture on white vehicles
HX30000 and brighter choice of color may reduce this effect 

DEPOSIT - There will be a $200 deposit once approved for wrap
This cost covers a portion of the cost of materials to be ordered

 Getting on the schedule is Crucial!

It takes about a week to get the vinyl from Europe.  If you want the vehicle done asap, you still would have to wait at least a week for the vinyl to arrive

Also there are other customers already scheduled!!

Want it done?  Don't hesitate

We accept Cash, Visa & major cards, even some checks

Vehicles should be clean before wraps and graphics are installed or a $25 charge will be applied to order!  

..Rim Dip and Wheel Paint come with full scrub cleaning included in their price!

Please inquire for the closest,

least expensive car wash locations

South Riverside County
North County San Diego

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